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My partner lost South African passport with UK visa in

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My partner lost South African passport with UK visa in Germany and can not come back to UK even though he's got residence permit valid until 2024. Emergency passport has been issued by SA consulate, but without the visa he wasn't allowed to get on the flight. Everywhere we look it says that to apply for any visa to come back to UK he needs the passport first. I just need professional co formation that this is the only way we need to follow ? Please help...he is stuck in Germany almost one week.

Has your partner informed the Police and UK embassy in Germany? Do you have a copy of his visa?

What type of visa should he have?

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
He had 2 passport-one SA current passport with valid Schangen visa (expiring in Feb 2018) and second SA expired passport with grated UK visa: Permanent Residance Card (expiring in Dec 2024). We have photos of both documents.
He lost the passports at the airport just after arriving or in the taxi and I soon as he found out he went to the police and got police report, later he visited SA consulate in Munich and applied for Emergency passport which he received on Monday. We booked the flight, but he couldn't get on the plane because they needed his visa. Of he doesn't have as it is in the lost passport. Now he contacted UK embassy and consulate in Munich, but he was referred to apply for UK. However to do that they require his passport... He can apply for new SA passport at his embassy in Berlin but it will take weeks... Please advise what else we can do to get him home
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Sorry *to apply for UK visa

He needs to apply to transfer his visa. Follow the link provided He would need to send a copy of his visa and the emergency passport he has.

here is further information regarding this issue

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Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Sorry and thank you for your help. Luckily he found both passports in the taxi.
Hope he is coming home today