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I m staying at uk under tire 4 student visa. I completed my

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Hi Alice.
I m staying at uk under tire 4 student visa. I completed my course on 22nd September and the BRP is going to expire by 22nd November 2017. Due to some circumstances of my children in the school as they going to finish on 15the December and also my self is trying to get an offer from university then it will be very difficult to leave uk on 22nd Novembe, so I decided to overstay up to 15the December which mean that I will be overstayed 22 days . Any serious impact will lead to the future visa application and may the new application for tire visa will be dropped and declined?


I would strongly advise against overstaying your visa. It is a criminal offence and it will have a cascading effect on any further visa applications you make in the UK and probably elsewhere.

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Not give a solution

T​here is no solution except if you get an offer from the University you can apply to change to a Tier 2 visa. You must either apply for a Tier 2 visa or you must leave before the expiry of your visa.

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