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My friend got uk visa refused on grounds of V4.2 is it

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hi my friend got uk visa refused on grounds of V4.2 is it possible to reapply with all the necessary grounds they were as such:1. My letter didnt show them adequate friendship
2. She works with her mum in agriculture they were not able to understand her relationship with her mum income expenditure statement
3. She placed VN300m (Approx $10K) in her account and they wanted to know where the funds were from. She took this from a savings account her mum had.They say now that I should send details of my salary etc to them and also get a bond from a lawyer that places funds and sends a confirmation of such bond to enable her to travel to england and give the bond back once the travel is complete and she has returned home. Is there anything like that please advise at the soonest


I am sorry to hear your friend's visa was refused.

The main reason is that your friend has not provided sufficient evidence to prove that she will return to her home country. It is unusual that a bond is being asked for. It is standard practice to ask for source of income. Your friend will need to provide evidence of her employment. You would need to write a letter of invitation confirming you will provide financial support and accommodation. You may also need to send evidence of your financial position.

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Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Look I provided my pay slip and house title deeds etc now what else would they need to understand that I can send her back after her tripPlease tell something I don’t know how do I make them understand that she needs to come for 2 weeks and go back home
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
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if your friend does not show proof that he is in employment in his home country and show the ties in his home country, the Home Office will no believe he will return.

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