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I have been legally in uk for 52 yrs first married then

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I have been legally in uk for 52 yrs first married then divorced and now retired after higher education here and years of working in education. Have I got automatic right to claim citizenship or do I need to go through the usual immigration rules and requirements for citizenship. Thankyou. Ps I am a German citizen
If you are an EU citizen and have been living in the UK for 6 or more years you could be eligible to make an application to be naturalised and acquire British Citizenship.The application for British citizenship is much the same as for non-EU migrants, but in short:You must have been in the UK for 6 or more years;
During your time in the UK, you must have been exercising Treaty Rights e.g. working, self-employed, or a student,for example;
You must meet the residence requirements which include an assessment of your absences from the UK and where you intend to live after making the application;
You will need to pass the Life in the UK Test;
You also need to pass an approved English Language Test – or have an approved degree from /be a national of a majority English speaking country;
You must meet the “Good Character” guidance, for example no recent or serious criminal convictions, you must not be bankrupt, or associated with those considered to have “bad character”
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Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Thankyou I knew most of the info from on line info my situation seems complicated as I have been retired now for 12 yrs on a state pension and teachers pension. I have been away from uk for 6 months each year since I retired as I restored a small house in Italy . How does that effect my application as in general it says in the on line info that only 450 days in 5 yrs is allowed? How does that comply with eu free movement rules which I have lived by during my retirement?
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I intend to continue living in uk where I own my own flat in London and have my son and grandchildren here as well. I need to continue stayin in Italy as well as the house and grounds still need work done. How does this division of 6 months here and 6 months there affect my application?