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I am citizen of EU, but living in UK for 10 years. I got

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Hi. I am citizen of EU, but living in UK for 10 years. I got married 2 years ago with non-EU member. He came here by Family Permit at the start and when that was expired, he did a Residence Card for 5 years. We also got 18 months old son. Almost three weeks ago, my husband left us without any explanations. I don't know where he is staying, why he left and he also is ignoring all my messages and phone calls. He also not in contact anymore with child and not showing an interest about him. He not helping us financially anymore also. During relationship, he was very rude and often abused in verbal and emotional way. He also didn't tell to me, if we are separated, but just took his stuff, went away and never spoke to me anymore. I know only his work address, but there he also not wishing to speak to me. Do I have to let Home Office about this separation and is he still keeping his rights to work and live here? I am asking that, because of his behaviour to me, I feel like he is only using our marriage and son, for his personal purpose and he is not interested in family at all. Thank you.


If your relatiinship has broken down you should inform the home office. He does not have the legal basis to work and live in the UK as he is no longer a family member of an EU citizen. His current residence card is invalidated

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