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Resident and my girlfriend is Ukrainian (currently in

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Hello. I'm UK resident and my girlfriend is Ukrainian (currently in Ukraine). She's in her final year at university. She'd like to come to the UK to visit for one week to experience life here and spend time with me. If that goes well (and we see it as a really important trip) we'd like to pursue the option of a marriage visa later next year after she graduates. Based on previous advice it was suggested we go down the standard visitor visa route for her initial visit.I intend to sponsor her entire visit and know what I need to do for that and I can prove my income.I have a few small basic questions on this issue.1) If I'm sponsoring her entire trip does she need to provide bank statements at all? Will the Home Office be able to rely on my financials alone bearing in mind this is only for one week? (We can prove she has ties back home with a university letter).2) Do I need to provide bank statements for all six months or do you think three months be OK bearing in mind I have a standard salary and I'm in credit all the time with a separate savings account?3) Is it true or just a rumour that the latest bank statement can't be older than 31 days? I'm seeing her in a week to take all my documents to her and I can't really help the fact this will occur just a few days before my next statement is issued.Many thanks,
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Please note - we've met several times so can prove our connection with one another. It's all genuine.

Thank you for your question

My name is ***** ***** I shall do my best to help you

All you actually need to do is write a letter to her inviting her to visit you and confirming that you will provide her with accommodation and transport and that she need only bring a return ticket and her spending money.

She applies for the visa online here

I hope that this is of assistance - please ask if you need further details

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Dear ClareThanks for your reply which I'm afraid I'm not comfortable with. The Visa pages and guidance on suppprting documents make clear that an assessment needs to be made of affordability and suggest bank statements and payslips. As a minimum in my position of sponsor the Home Office sponsorship declaration form available online (more than just an invitation letter) states this should be accompanied by proof of my residence. In fact return tickets are one of the documents that the Home Office guidance says must not be taken into account as part of the assessment. I'm very confused now. Please can you elaborate? Thanks. Adrian

Your girlfriend is intending to come here for a single week to visit friends.

I appreciate that this is an important trip for you both BUT in the eyes of immigration it is actually a routine short visit which is unlikely to raise any concerns whatsoever UNLESS your approach to it raises the suspicion that she will stay here with you

There is no need to provide your financial details - it is very rare that anyone cannot support a visitor for a week.

In your letter you simple confirm that you will be taking time off work to show her round and that she will be staying with you for the week.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Thanks Clare. I must say that what you say sounds like perfect common sense. There's so much frightening material all over the internet about this and so many apparent instances of people being declined over tiny things. So many sites list endless documents. I even started thinking I ought to justify that she's not in the Eastern Ukrainian conflict zone in case they're suspicious she's high rush of not returning. The internet paints a truly terrifying picture of immigration officials.

I can't say that there is not a good reason for that BUT it is a little overdone!

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