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frantzgregory, Lawyer
Category: Immigration Law
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Got a section 120 from home office And addition grand letter

Customer Question

Good morningGot a section 120 from home office
And addition grand letter from them
My son born here became full British after applying for naturadstion for him
So after that got a letter from home
That me and my rest of my family should send in new application base on personal life in UK
So I wrote them back that at moment am living in UK with my family with the help of friends and churches
That is there anyway I can apply one after the other
That one by one becasuse of the expencice
Am not working my wife not working with 2 other children 16years and 13 years but they have been here like 12 years ago
And what I got back from them is the section 120 and letter of additional grand
Pls advice me pls
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  frantzgregory replied 7 months ago.
Sorry you need to see a solicitor for legal advice
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
That was why i pay for advice I don't like this respouse at all
Expert:  frantzgregory replied 7 months ago.

This is not a place to receive legal advice. If you are not happy you can ask for your money back and seek legal advice elsewhere.