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My query is regarding my Dependent son (20 years old,

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My query is regarding my Dependent son (20 years old, dyslexic).
I am a doctor, single parent and on visitor visa. I am in UK currently. I have recently been given full registration by GMC, London to practice in UK. I am waiting for a job opportunity so that I can get my visa changed to Tier 2 General visa.Once I get my visa sorted, I want to bring my son as dependent.
Recently I applied for his visitor visa when I applied for my visitor visa to come to UK. My visa was approved but his visa was rejected on the grounds:
1. my son is dependent on me for everything.
2. he has no property in his name
3. he has no job
4. As I am coming to uk as a doctor and might settle in the country, they felt that he could settle in uk as well.The immigration rules clearly states that children under 18 only can apply as dependent unless they are already in UK if more than 18 years age.What are my options regarding bringing my son into this country? he is dyslexic with moderate mental retardation and I have no family to look after him. I have temporarily left him with my friend.
please advice.

First of all you cannot switch from a visitors visa to a Tier 2 visa while in the UK as a visitor. When you do get a job that is willing to sponsor you, your application should include your son as a dependant.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I am aware that I cant switch from visitor visa to tier 2 general. I will go back to India and apply from there for Tier 2 General.
My question: If the NHS Trust who will be sponsoring me (to work for them) also include my 20 year old dependent, dyslexic son's name in the sponsorship letter, will he get a dependent visa for my Tier 2 general. If no, what are my alternative options of getting my son to uk to live with me.

Your 20 years old son is not a minor under UK immigration law and therefore cannot be your dependant.

He is an adult and would be expected to apply to come to the UK like every other adults above the age of 18.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
what would be my alternative options to get my 20 year old son completely Dependant on me with mental health issues

What mental health issue? He is dyslexic? Many adults in the UK are dyslexic and still go about their normal lives. It isnt enough to present dyslexia as a reason for your adult son to join you as a dependant under UK immigration law.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Thank you. All my questions are answered.

Please can you rate? I don't get paid for helping you if you forget to rate. You dont have to and I am happy to answer any further questions.

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