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I am a 74 year old british citizen living in the UK and am

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I am a 74 year old british citizen living in the UK and am in a long=distance relationship with a young man (aged 24) from Sri Lanka who I have visited and spent time with over the last couple of years in Sri Lanka, Singapore and Thailand. I want to explore the possibility of him coming to live with me permanently in the UK where I have my own home and a net worth of circa £750K. understand that legal unons between same sex partners is not possible in Sri Lanka but I do know of cases where a visa has been granted for a provisional period (but bans working or formal education during that time) on the basis that after 6 months a civil ceremony will take place. I seek advice on the possibility/the practicality of such an arrangement in my case.
Thank you for your enquiry.
If your relationship has lasted at least 2 years, there is an option to apply for an unmarried visa with no ban.
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
That's encouraging but could you say something about what the would regard as a relationship of 2 years? I have spent a total of seven and a half weeks with him during that period but we talk both by voice and text on a daily basis. Are their guidelines on that subject or do we have to convince the British high commission in Colombo on the basis of rules that they might subjectively apply. Presumably there will be interviews. Would I be required to travel to SL to be interviewed with my friend or perhaps separately?
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I was expecting a little more than just a single sentence answer but now I see you are asking for more money. How long is a piece of string.

I am not sure what your last message means. I am only here to answer your questions and nothing to do with the money side

Your relationship must be shown to be akin to a marriage and must be subsisting. There must be clear evidence of having maintained your relationship giving the distance. One occasion of spending 7 weeks together isn't sufficient to show a genuine relationship. Have you met his family? Apart from regular contact with social media what other efforts have been made to maintain your relationship? These are the questions the Home Office would consider. Once you can prove your relationship the next stage is whether you have the financial means to sponsor him to the UK. Clearly, you can. It would appear that you need to make regular visits to your partners home country or elsewhere.

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