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Can I apply for a British passport for my child who was born

Customer Question

Hi there can I apply for a British passport for my child who was born in the UK but I’m Polish and have lived here for over 10years? There is only my name on the British Birth certificate and I’m now married to an English man for over 3 1/2 years ?
Submitted: 20 days ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Customer: replied 19 days ago.
My son is 8years old and we are trying now to change his name to my married name and then apply for the British passport with the new name. He already got a polish passport.
Customer: replied 19 days ago.
My husband is not the father of my son
Customer: replied 18 days ago.
Hi there when will I have an answer ??
Customer: replied 17 days ago.
Hi there I didn’t get any answer from you regarding my question. As you couldn’t answers my question I would expect a full refund. Where is it?? Regards Angela
Expert:  frantzgregory replied 15 days ago.
Do you still require an answer?
Customer: replied 15 days ago.
Customer: replied 15 days ago.
I’m sorry but I already paid £26 and didn’t get any answer
Customer: replied 15 days ago.
no money back
Expert:  frantzgregory replied 15 days ago.
What do you want me to do? I am happy to answer your question.
Customer: replied 15 days ago.
I don’t wanna pay again as I was really disappointed that nobody could answer my question if you can answer them than I’ll be happy but like I said I won’t pay again
Expert:  frantzgregory replied 15 days ago.
You dont have to pay again.
Expert:  frantzgregory replied 15 days ago.
ok I am reviewing your question and I will do my best to help you.
Customer: replied 15 days ago.
Ok thank you
Expert:  frantzgregory replied 14 days ago.

Some children born between 2000 and 2006 in the UK to EEA nationals will be British automatically but given that your child was born in 2010 your child will not be entitled. Given that you have been in the UK for 10 years and presumably you have worked all this time when you apply for permanent residence and you are granted, your child will be entitled to be registered as a British citizen. Do this make sense? If not please ask.