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From experience do they check visa applicants for

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From experience do they check visa applicants for deportation for all countries? and how much details should I give in my response? I am visiting UK for 2 weeks only on research trip, and have full-time stable academic job in Malaysia. so I am not asking much in this visit and still reluctant to declare

Hi, they do check randomly and countries like canada, USA, Australia and other western countries have centralised and easily accessible databases so it is not a difficult process should you be randomly selected for checking. Not disclosing is a risk and it can never be an educated risk because noone knows what influences home office decision to check certain applications. Being banned from entering is not something you want.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I renewed my expired passport. would that make the tracking a bot more difficult? I am not trying to hide, I am just too concerned of being rejected UK entry on a lame reason like that? especial that I am visiting for less than 2 weeks? Would it matter (make it easier and not asked this questions on the system) if I apply for 6 month visa rather than 12 months (which I am eligibility for as a visiting scholar)?

Hi, you will need to declared your travel history in the last 10 years so you will refer to your expired passport unless it was lost. I appreciate what you are saying and the fact that you were deport not the reason behind the deportation will not be considered as lame by immigration officials. The obligation you have is to be honest and there are many people who have been deported before who come into the UK and I have represented many clients however with immigration there are no blanket rules, its not a science the decisions are made by humans who use their discretion and as long as you do not have a re-entry ban for the UK I do not think you should stress too much about declaring something that happened 5 years ago in a different country and as you say it was nothing serious so it should be understandable. As a solicitor I cant say to you lie, I have to advise you correctly and you can then weigh your risks and make the decision you will be happy to stand by.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
shall I say deported or excluded to make it sound a little better? I know I am harping on the same thing, but too concerned of delay? if I decide to say deported should I tell all details? and if I just say little could this lead to lengthy investigation before decision can be made?

were you refused entry or you were inside canada and removed by the authorities? was it for breach of immigration rules either way?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
stopped by immigration after less than a month of staying in Canada and I tried to appeal that I did not mean to not include my middle names
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
deported ..

So you can not say no to a question that asks if you have breached another country's immigration rules however you can explain in the additional information that you inadvertently did not include all your names on your application and used the names that you use officially on a day to day basis and which was not satsfactory to canada. You have made sure not to repeat the same error in any visa applications since 'leaving' canada.

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