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Tamari Kokrashvili
Tamari Kokrashvili, Immigration Lawyer
Category: Immigration Law
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I am a German national married to a British citizen since

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I am a German national married to a British citizen since 2012. I have lived continuously in the UK since May 2011.When I arrived in the UK I received job seekers' allowance from the German authorities for 6 months. I stayed here and have lived self sufficiently ever since.After the vote for Brexit in 2016 I intended to apply for naturalization and only then discovered the comprehensive sickness insurance requirement. I have had such cover since January 2017.This insurance needs either to be renewed for another year or to be cancelled next January.In February 2019 I obtained settled status.In February 2020 I will turn 65 and, should I apply for naturalization thereafter, wouldn't need the 'life in the UK' test or the 'language' test.Is “settled status” enough to apply for naturalization or do I need to prove additionally three years of insurance cover for the application? (In which case I cannot cancel the insurance now.)Could you please let me know what the Home Office accepts as proof that I stayed in the UK three years prior to the exact date of arrival of my application? How is one meant to know what exact date the application will be received?Thank you for your help and advice.

Good afternoon and thanks for your question today.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Good afternoon Tamari.

If you would apply for a permanent residence card in the UK, you would need insurance but because you have applied for settled status there was no requirement to have insurance.

After 65 years old it is correct that you will be exempt from life in the UK and English language requirement.

As you are married to a British Citizen you need to provide proof of your absences from the country for the last 3 years when applying for naturalization not last 5 years.

Proof of address evidence includes: P60s, Payslips, Bank statements, HM Revenue & Customs Self-Assessment Statement of Account, HMRC tax returns; National Insurance Contributions Bills (paid); Utility bill in your name NHS letters, Letters from educational institutions.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Thank you for your prompt reply. Just to make sure, I do NOT need the insurance cover additionally to my obtained settled status for an application for naturalization and therefore can cancel the csi now?

No, you do not need insurance, please do not worry about it.

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Customer: replied 7 months ago.
That's all I need to know. Thank you very much.

I would appreciate if you could provide a positive 5 star rating for today's assistance, it is very important for my profile.

Thank you!