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Here is the thing. Me and my partner want to relocate to

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Hello, so here is the thing. Me and my partner want to relocate to London.He has been offered a job there and must be there in 6 weeks, he is Spanish so he can work under the European Legislation and as soon as he is there he can apply for the EU Settlement scheme and gain the pre-settle status.I am Mexican and have been in Spain as a Student for almost 3 years. We have been living together for over a year, but not the 2 years required for an Unmarried partner visa.So we have been planning on make things work like this:We travel together, I enter the UK with my passport as a visitor (Mexicans don't need visitors visa) We get settled in the new apartment, etc and in September we go to Denmark, get married there and get back in the UK with the marriage certificate.We would do it in Denmark because is a lot faster than any other country in the EU.The Questions are:1.- Is it possible to do that ? meaning re-entering the UK with a marriage certificate being accompanied by my then husband who is a EU Citizen ? Would it be enough to have the marriage certificate from Denmark for them to let me in, considering I have a Mexican Passport and don't need a visitors visa?2.-About Entering the UK as a Visitor from a country that is not my own. The thing is that my student permit in Spain is being renewed, and due to the pandemic all paperwork is taking longer and probably I won't have it by the time we need to go to London, So In theory with my Mexican passport is enough to enter the UK as a visitor, however would I have to prove my status in the country I'm coming from? (In this case Spain)I know is a complex situation, thank you for taking the tame to answer it.


Further to your question, the answer is yes to all your questions, however you will need to enter into marriage before we leave the European Union on the 31st December 2021. Furthermore, you can enter into arraignment in the UK.

You will be able to enter the UK with your EEA Spouse without any difficulties as long as you can prove your relationship.

Kind Regards

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