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Me and my hisband were dating on distance for 7,5 years, he

Customer Question

Me and my hisband were dating on distance for 7,5 years, he was a british citizen and lived in Australia for a while, i was always based in Russia and am a Russian citizen. He was living back in the UK from the beginning of 2020 and we were planning to get married and apply for a spouse visa for me. With all covid events our plans got moved several times (from waiting for registery offices to open and let us give notice of intention to get married to actually moving the booking of the ceremony during Tiers changes). We finally got married in April 2021 and were collecting documents for my visa when my husband tragically passed away after a road accident. I rushed to get a visitor visa to get here and help with funeral arrangements and was planning to go back home after that. My friend told me about a bereavement visa that could be easy to get if i was here on a spouse visa, but we talked about it and thought it could be possible to build a case around covid situation and trying to prove that i was supposed to be living on a spouse visa here already before the acident. The support for that could be that:
1. i was here on 2 marriage visitor visas that proved my intention to get married and that external circumstances were the reason to change that. i have email proof of changing the dates of the ceremony with the register office in London.
2. along this time of covid life i came to the UK a few times for 2 months period and could prove that we were living together for this time + the marriage certificate states the same address of the flat we rented the latest. I did not have bills in my name but I had orders delilvered in my name in different addresses where we lived.
I understand this is a not standard case but wanted to ask if it would be worth trying to get that visa, I presume that would take several steps including initial application and an appeal after that
Submitted: 20 days ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  Immigration Warrior replied 20 days ago.


Further to your question, I'm really sorry to hear about your situation. Kindly note, that the Home Office are very strict with the requirements and as you were not am a spouse visa it is very unlikely the visa will succeed.

Customer: replied 20 days ago.
I understand that this is not a standard case and willing to take a risk, do you think it is not worth at all?
Expert:  Immigration Warrior replied 20 days ago.


You can take the risk, however I would strongly advise you to instruct a solicitor to assist you.

Customer: replied 20 days ago.
Definitely I would need the help of a professional in this matter. Is there anything I should focus on you'd advice? I know proof of living together could be a strong point, maybe you know what other thing I need to try to provide?
Expert:  Immigration Warrior replied 20 days ago.


It would defiantly be the relationship and maybe you could include your chat history of when you were together, flight itineraries and holidays taken together.