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If I a male were to become a Domestic Partner with a female

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If I a male were to become a Domestic Partner with a female U.S.A.citizen would it entitle her to live and work here.
1. IN order to get the ability to live and work in Ireland, a US citizen must be in a relationship of two years duration or more, before the Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service will grant them a permanent residence visa. To prove this as a fact, evidence of cohabitation during this period must be shown by means of rent receipts, evidence of a shared lifestyle and time together.Before this time period has elapsed, the US citizen must enter Ireland on a tourist visa. Ninety days or less in a relationship is not sufficient to grant any right of residence in Ireland. If this was the case, there would be many relationships of convenience for visa purposes. If you wish to obtain a visa before then, some form of marriage or civil partnership must be entered into for the INIS to grant residence in Ireland to the US citizen.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you for your reply. I'm having trouble understanding it, however. Are you saying that we need two a two years' relationship, during which at some point the US citizen can enter Ireland with a tourist visa? Are you saying that it is then necessary to enter into marriage or civil partnership, and then apply for another type of visa?

2. A US citizen may enter Ireland at any time on a tourist visa. In the first line which ends "...will grant them a permanent residence visa", I thought I made clear that it is a visa to both live and work in Ireland which I was talking about. There is a whale of a difference between a visitor visa and a permanent residence visa. You need to appreciate the difference and read the answer again. You also need to appreciate that entering into a marriage or a civil partnership is a totally different option. Again read the Answer again. This will enable you to apply for a permanent residence visa, to live and work in Ireland, once the marriage or civil partnership has taken place. Both options relate to methods of obtaining a permanent residence visa to live and work in Ireland and do not relate to a visitor visa.
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