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I separated from the father of my two children nearly 5 years

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I separated from the father of my two children nearly 5 years ago, we were never married. He left me to pay the debts, support our children financially and emotionally and struggle to pay a large mortgage single handed. Recently I had to take redundancy from work as our daughter is being assessed to see if she is autistic and I was unable to keep taking time off work to attend all appointments I needed to. Recently me ex has advised me that I have to somehow get his name off the mortgage or sell the house. I have been trying since we separated to get him removed from the mortgage but the mortgage providers will not oblige. I do not think that we would get enough money to clear the mortgage debt and I was wondering if you can please advise me how to proceed?

Buachaill :

1. MOrtgage provides rarely if ever oblige to take one person's name off a mortgage, as this effectively increases the risk of non payment as there is only one person responsible for the mortgage instead of two. The way around this is for you to get a mortgage in your own name from a different mortgage provider. This means that you must have substantial income to pay off the mortgage. However, as you have been made redundant from work, I am afraid that no mortgage provider will grant you a mortgage in your own name at the moment. You will have to wait until you are working again and have a steady income coming in. The other option is to sell the house and buy a new smaller house from the proceeds of sale, whilst also paying off the mortgage that exists on your current house.

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