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Buachaill, Barrister
Category: Republic of Ireland Law
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My husband lives and works in the UK , i live in ireland. For

Customer Question

My husband lives and works in the UK , i live in ireland. For the past 3 months he has given me no money towards the children or mortage. The mortage has to be paid, I can't afford it . What can I do?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Republic of Ireland Law
Expert:  Buachaill replied 4 years ago.

Buachaill :

1. You have two options. You can either get an order of the court for maintenance in Ireland and then get it sent to the CSA (Child Support AGency) in the UK to get it enforced against your husband's earnings in the UK. Alternatively, you can employ a solicitor in the UK to get the order for maintenance in the UK and to get it applied to your husband's earnings in the UK. The point you need to realise is firstly, that a husband always has an obligation to pay maintenance for his wife and children. This is 20% of his net after tax earnings, for example, if there are two children. Secondly, throughout the EU, including in Ireland and the UK, all orders for maintenance of the court are enforceable in another Member State. The key thing is to get the order for maintenance and then pursue its enforcement. If you want to know anything further, I will be happy to help. YOu will be entitled to Legal Aid if you are of low means. But generally there are delays with Legal Aid so you should get a solicitor to do it as it will greatly speed things up.