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Buachaill, Barrister
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My dads barrister has dropped his case today because of some

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My dads barrister has dropped his case today because of some compromise issue and my dads hearing (high court- civil issue) is Monday morning- what options are available to him as the solicitor doesn't have any answers. Other side won't agree to adjourn. Any advice much appreciated, thanks Michele

Buachaill :

1. The simple solution in this situation is to immediately get a different barrister. Here your solicitor should be on the phone to get a different barrister. Most barristers need only a hour or two to familiarise themselves with a case. Additionally, most will work on Sunday to prepare their cases for Monday. So getting a new barrister is not a difficult issue if your Dad's solicitor gets on the phone and couriers or takes the papers to a new barrister. YOu can assist in this regard by taking the papers by car to the house of the new barrister. This sort of situation where a barrister is double booked or has some compromise issue is very common. all that needs to happen is for a new barrister to be contacted and papers got to them immediately. Barristers take cases on short notice all the time and will read up on the case at a night's notice. So get the solicitor to get on the phone to get a new barrister immediately. Courts are very reluctant to allow adjournments merely because the barrister changes at short notice. So don't expect an adjournment. This was the wrong approach from the solicitor. Instead get a fresh barrister in on the case.

Customer: Thanks for the guidance. The solicitor is very poor it seems as he has accepted there is no point in doing anything until Monday morning so I am trying to contact possible barristers myself by email through the law library Ireland. But very a devastating blow for my dads case for sure.
Customer: thanks
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi, well things took a turn for the worst today for my father. I did get some mediation assistance from a senior counsel in Dublin on his own time which was very generous. However, the solicitor didn't make any further efforts to get replacement counsel. Instead he turned up at the hearing at told the court he too was withdrawing leaving my father without any representation. Thankfully the hearing was adjourned for two weeks to allow my father some time to attempt to find a new legal team!
I'm not sure what the best avenue is at this stage to locate a suitable solicitor and barrister in this time frame. My father is hoping to get a response from the counsel who did respond to my email requests over the weekend. Any other ideas very much welcome!
2. Dear Michelle, The solicitor's conduct in the matter has been appalling. I would certainly suggest you get a different solicitor. You should also consider whether you wish to make a complaint about the solicitor to the Law Society.