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How can you present for BIG plc ?

Customer Question

How can you present such a case for BIG plc applying relevant acts and supportive cases establishing legislations?


 Heinrich moved to Ireland from Germany in 1982, is an engineer and has worked for BIG(Bulk Industrial Goods) PLC for 10 years as Production Manager, Ireland. At his performance review meeting, Sept 2012, his manager raised Heinricks recent age related hearing decline as impeding his ability to do his job, the reason for his recent poor performance and complaints from staff and customers. At his Dec 2012 review the manager highlighted his continued below par performance and asked if he had considered the advertised position of Operations Manager. Heinrick was elected to the union committee representing the management grade in February 2013. At the March 2013 review, Heinrick was informed that the retirement age was 65 and that he would be offered early retirement at age 60 (August 2013) with lump sum of two years pay and full benefits. Other staff have started asking him about his retirement plans and if he will be going home to Germany. In June 2013 his manager met with Heinrick and told him that if he does not take early retirement he risks dismissal. Heinrick reported sick the following day and has notified BIG of his claim for constructive dismissal. 

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Republic of Ireland Law