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Buachaill, Barrister
Category: Republic of Ireland Law
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my friend is living in spain but wants to come home for a holiday

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my friend is living in spain but wants to come home for a holiday but needs to renew her passport but has a bench warrent for posession of a small amount of cannibis will she be arrestd if she comes to ireland or will she refused a passport

Buachaill :

1. Firstly, your friend will not be refused a passport merely because there is an outstanding bench warrant against her. Secondly, if she comes to Ireland, it is likely that the Gardai will attempt to enforce the bench warrant against her. However, she should realise that a bench warrant is merely a Summons to attend in court backed up by a power of arrest. It does not mean that she will be placed in prison. So she should make arrangement with the Gardai that she attend in court to answer the bench warrant which will have been issued by a District Court judge. It avoids the embarassment of being arrested in front of her friends and family pursuant to the bench warrant and then spending the night in jail until she is brought before a court. Ultimately, a fine is all she will receive for possession of a small amount of cannabis. So she is better off face the music rather than always worrying about it and not being able to come home to Ireland.


thanks a milion ill tell her that itll put her mind at ease thank you

Buachaill :

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