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A hospital Doctor was shown a report by the family of a

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A hospital Doctor (in charge of the doctor team) was shown a report by all family members including the patient. In the report it shows how the symptoms of an allergic  reaction to an antibiotic were present on the patient. The symptoms were identical to severe streptococcal of which the patient was diagnosed. However the treatment of one ailment (strep) would exacerbate the other (alergy). The patient died after 4 and a half months in hospital. The report was produced perhaps 3 months in. The treatment for an alergy is an histamines and not to use of narcotic painkillers and anti diarrhea drugs. My father was prescribed antibiotics and narcotic painkillers for ( to the point of kidney failure). After surviving this I spoke to a doctor and showed him a photo of an allergic reaction which my mother confirmed was what my father suffered from. The doctor said it was a valid point at which point my sister demanded a patch test. After some time i found the doctors failed to conduct a patch test on grounds it could kill him!! I then produced a report and gave one to each family member who all gave the report to the doctors. It included a photo of an allergic reation to Cephalexin (the drug I suspected my father had a reaction to).It also included a list of symptoms and treatment (histamines and not to use narcotic pain medication lest it make symptoms worse; downloaded from and        Therefore a treatment for an alergy i believe should have been taken as a safety precaution (process of elimination). The simple precautions were not carried out. Would this be considered medical negligence?

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1. Dear *****, in order that you be able to take successful legal action in respect of the negligent medical treatment of your father it would be necessary to have a supporting expert medical report which concludes that your father was treated negligently. This issue you raise in your question, whether the treatment was negligent, can only be decided on the basis of expert medical testimony from another medical expert in the same profession. It is impossible for a lawyer to give you a definitive answer on the question. I can certainly tell you that when you relate appears to be negligent. But you will need an expert to give you a definitive answer.
Buachaill, Barrister
Satisfied Customers: 10973
Experience: Barrister 17 years experience
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