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There, my ex partner is harassing me by sending abusive

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Hi there, my ex partner is harassing me by sending abusive and threatening emails and he is also sending abusive emails to my mother. What can be done to stop this because it is very stressful for us. I got married in 2014 and my ex has only been told since he found that out he is becoming obsessed and I am feeling very scared.
1. You can get an injunction in Dublin preventing the harassment originating with your ex partner in London. This injunction can be obtained in the Circuit Court in Dublin and served on your ex partner in London. You can then get the London police to enforce it and protect you from any more abusive and threatening emails. I would advise you to also speak to the Gardai in Dublin as under the 1997 Non Fatal Offence Act, harassment is a crime and you can report your partner in London for the crime of Harassment. The Gardai can also apply in court in Dublin for an Order prohibiting your ex partner from getting in touch with you. Be aware that harassment is also a crime in London, so the police there can enforce it also. So you should adopt a two-pronged approach. Speak to the Gardai in Dublin and see a solicitor who will take out a harassment injunction on your behalf in the Circuit Court. If you want any further guidance I will be happy to help.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for the advice. He still has my son in his possession so do I wait until my son arrives home before I can issue proceedings? I am very worried about my son and it alarms me the fact that he won't allow me to speak to my own son. My mother tried to speak to my son on the phone on Sunday evening and he then took the phone from my son and started screaming at my mother. I do not have his exact home address because he moved but I know his mothers address and they live 5 minutes away from each other and I also know his landline number and mobile number aswell.
2. Don't wait until your son comes home before you issue proceedings. Otherwise you might never see your son. Essentially, the London police will ensure that your son returns. So you should not worry unduly here. Very often, once the police get involved, perpetrators such as your ex partner, reconsider the error of their ways. Additionally, the police in London will get the address once you give them the landline number. So don't worry unduly on either count. I would suggest that the best way to get your son back is to involve the police, as your ex partner seems to have gone off the rails while your son was with him.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.


I spent last Thursday and Friday running around and getting nowhere. I was told that I can not apply for an injunction as the courts are closed for the month of August in Dublin in the Republic of Ireland. I spoke to the Gardai and they rang up my exes landline and I spoke very briefly to my son. My ex then rang my mobile from my sons mobile and was being very aggressive towards me and he was screaming too which the police woman heard because I put the phone on loud speaker. My ex then rang my mothers mobile while we were still in the police station and he was screaming into the phone asking why did the police phone his home.

I do not know what to do next? This is all very upsetting for myself and my family.

Unfortunately, It is not as straightforward as you advised.

Could you advise me further on this matter please?

Thank you.

3. Firstly, there are "vacation sittings" of the courts during August and it is perfectly possible to get an injunction at one of these. Whoever told you it is not possible is incorrect. The courts are always open to urgent application such as your own. Secondly, the Gardai now have direct evidence of the harassing conduct of your ex partner. So you should get them to take out an order restraining his conduct under the 1997 Non Fatal Offences Act. Get yourself a good solicitor and get the solicitor to formally write to the Gardai. Force the issue.