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Mother died leaving house and contents to son and money to

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mother died leaving house and contents to son and money to her younger daughter.Their was 3 daughters not named in will.Have we any rights to see will papers and claim .
1.There is no freestanding right to see a will in which a person is not named. However, once the will is admitted to probate, then it becomes a public document and can be inspected and a copy obtained from the Probate Office. It is very important that you know when probate happens as not only is this when you can get a copy, but it is also the date from which a six month time limit runs under section 117 of the Succession Act, 1965, whereby a claim can be made by any child who wishes to challenge the distribution under the will on the basis that your mother failed in her moral duty to make proper provision for that child under the terms of the will. So whilst you cannot immediately obtain a copy of the will you can get one in due course and you have a right to make a claim if you so wish. Section 117 gives a right to every child. In exercising its discretion a court will look at what provision was made by your mother, both during her lifetime and in her will, to the child making the challenge. It will also look at the child's position in life and assess what would have been proper provision for that child. Then court will decide whether it is an appropriate case in which to exercise its discretion and make an order in favour the child challenging the distribution under the will.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

went to England to work for 14 years juring does years sent money home.then returned gave my mother anything she needed and visited every week until her death..

2. These are all facts which the court will weigh. I would advise you to get yourself a solicitor a prepare to contest the distribution under the will if you wish to make a challenge. Full consideration should also be given to your situation then. You should also find out if one of your other two sisters intend making a challenge as well.
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