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I have a copy of a will my grand mother made in july 1946 i

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i have a copy of a will my grand mother made in july 1946 i want to find if it is registered and legal what can i do
1. If this will was admitted to probate, it would be in the National Archives where all wills are kept once they have been admitted to probate and are over 21 years old. They are transferred there from the Probate Office. Go to and you will be able to see opening hours which are general business hours. Two pieces of identification are necessary (driving licence & passport) in order to get a Readers ticket which will enable you to attend and research your grandmothers will . You can search the Index by name and county and look at what happened, such as the contents of the Revenue affidavit which will list all assets when the will was admitted to probate.
2. If your grandmother's will was not admitted to probate, then you will have to see if some solicitor has knowledge of it. After a certain period of time, a solicitor will put all old documents in storage, after which they will be destroyed. So this is rather a long shot, if the will was never probated.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

if my grannys will can not be found what can i do

2. Well, if the will cannot be found, you will need to find some other source, such as family records. However, these are the publicly available options.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

my mother is now dead and i need to register a small farm in my name because my mother never put it in her name although we farmed it what can i do and how much will it cost

3. Dear *****,you will need a solicitor to carry out the transfer of the land into your name as solicitors have a monopoly on conveyancing in Ireland. The cost will be about 800 - 1500 euros. This is because it will most likely involve the administration of at least one estate of a deceased person, such as your mother. You should get a quote from any solicitor you approach before you get them to start work. If necessary, get more than one quote. Bring any documents you might have about the land with you when you go to get the quote so the solicitor will understand what is involved