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My old company is threatening to bring me to court because

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Hi, my old company is threatening to bring me to court because I left the company and i didn't pay for the training he provided for me
1. Where an employee receives training as part of the work relationship, there is no liability on the employee to pay for that training unless the employment contract specifically provided for this. So here, unless, it was a term of your employment contract that you pay for all training, you have no liability for it. Additionally, unless your employment contract provided that you had to stay for a specific period after training, there is no liability for leaving subsequent to training taking place. So here, don't be intimidated by your former employer attempting to coerce you into continue working for them, or to pay for training received. There would have to have been a written term in the employment relationship provided to you for you to have any liability to pay monies to the employer.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I do recall him making me sign something months after I started training. But it was separate from my contract.

2. Ask for a copy of whatever you signed. However, don't assume that it gives rise to a liability. An employment contract would have been signed at the outset. A change half way through would have required your consent and you would have to have had it expressly made clear to you what you were signing. Otherwise it is not valid.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

If I get the signed document. Could I send it to you to have a quick look over it

3. There is no problem with you sending me the document should you wish someone to have a second look at it. I will schedule a follow up to this query and revert to you. In the meantime, please RATE the answer as otherwise your Expert doesn't get paid and there is no incentive to answer any follow up query.