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I recently purchased a pre-owned Agri tractor from a tractor

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I recently purchased a pre-owned Agri tractor from a tractor dealer in Northern Ireland. It cost X and I had a further €10,000.00 worth of new work and upgrades included with the order. The tractor was delivered but with old pre-owned parts (swapped from other tractors which were not fit for use) fitted in lieu of the new parts that I had ordered and paid for. Through much upset I got them to supply the new parts that i had ordered but I was left with the cost of fitting same. I am in Irish Republic...... might I have redress in this situation?
1. Yes, you do have redress in this situation. You have a cause of action for the costs associated with fitting the new parts which you had ordered and paid for. Essentially, there was a contractual agreement that the new parts would be fitted to the tractor and delivered to you. Failure of the Northern Irish Agri Tractor dealer to do so, was a breach of this contractual t So you have a cause of action for breach of contract for damages for the costs of installing the new parts. Additionally, you can claim for any inconvenience and loss suffered in getting these new parts fitted. You can sue in both the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland, if the tractor was delivered to you in the Republic of Ireland. The law is not much different in either jurisdiction and you will get the same damages award in each. I would suggest you get yourself a solicitor to write an initial letter calling upon the Agri Dealer to reimburse you the costs of fitting the new parts to see if the dispute can be resolved without going to court. 2. Please RATE the Answer as unless you RATE the Answer your Expert receives none of the monies you have paid the website so there is no incentive to answer any further questions.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for your answer. Does suing hold the threat of actually leading to a result?
3. Yes, cross border enforcement is quite straightforward as there is an EU wide system for enforcement of judgments of different countries. You would simply pass the judgment to the bailiff in Northern Ireland who would then enforce payment. Alternatively, if you knew of a bank account held by this dealer you could attach the funds in it to pay your judgment.