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There,I purchased tickets to last years All-Ireland

Customer Question

Hi there,
I purchased tickets to last years All-Ireland football final through the USA club I belong to. These tickets originated in Ireland and were shipped to Boston - for distribution throughout the USA to teams here in the US...standard practice.
I sent them home via fedex...and concerned about the value of what I was sending and ramifications of losing All-Ireland tickets (!!) I put a value of the $110 per ticket on the fedex package.
A couple of days after they arrived, my Dad (who I shipped to in Dublin), got a letter saying he is on the hook for circa 250Euro of duty/vat on them. I have emailed FedEx a number of times asking for 1. evidence that they have paid the Irish Revenue Commissioners, and 2. that they should have paid them.
From what I can glean FedEx make these payments in an effort to get packages, etc to their final destination on time - and then collect from the customer on the backend. I understand this.
However, I can't believe that we owe anything for tickets that were sourced in Ireland and have had no value (either physical or financial) added to them. One of my contentions is that surely the GAA would have already paid VAT on them.
Any help is appreciated.
Rob **********
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Republic of Ireland Law