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Buachaill, Barrister
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Dear sirs, is there a way to stop a person from contacting

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Dear sirs, is there a way to stop a person from contacting me, ie through phone, door stepping or just out in general, ie like a restraining order, If I feel threatened by this person, what is the best thing to do here on a legally
1. Dear *****iel, you can pursue both civil and criminal remedies here. Harasssment is both a civil wrong, or tort, as well as a crime. Under the civil law, you can take out an injunction preventing harassment. Under a harassment injunction, this person would be prohibited from contacting you or from coming within 200 metres of you. Should they breach this order, they may be dealt with under the contempt of court jurisdiction. Additionally, you can get both civil and criminal harassment orders under the 1997 Non Fatal Offences Act which makes harassment a civil and criminal wrong. An injunction in the same terms as a civil injunction can be obtained under the civil jurisdiction of the Act. Under the Criminal jurisdiction, you have to make a complaint to the Gardai and then the local Superintendent prosecutes the offender under the Act. Here criminal penalties may apply.
2. Accordingly, I would suggest you seek to both engage the offender under both the civil and criminal law. I would advise you to get yourself a solicitor and to formally write to the offender and make clear you will take out a civil injunction against them if they don't stop their behaviour immediately. Additionally, I would advise you to make a complaint to the Gardai. Depending on the outcome, you can then decide which way to progress matters.
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