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Is there a statute of limitations on perjury

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is there a statute of limitations on perjury

1. There is no Statute of Limitations on the crime of perjury in Ireland. A prosecution can be taken at any stage. However, you should be aware that there is no crime on the statute books in Ireland of Perjury. Instead, there is merely the old common law offence which requires corroboration of perjury by two witnesses. Additionally, there are about 40 pieces of legislation in Ireland ranging from the Companies Acts to the Mental Health Act which make perjury an offence in relation to a specific aspect of that legislation. However, these are specific pieces of legislation which deal with a narrow area.

2. This all makes the crime of perjury very difficult to prosecute in Ireland. So prosecutions are extremely rare. The 1911 Perjury Act which came into force in the UK was never extended to Ireland. So, there have been no high profile prosecutions in Ireland. However, there is nothing to prevent a perjury prosecution being taken many years after the event as there is no time limit on a prosecution.

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