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Can the revenue commissioners impose a penalty on my

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Hi. Can the revenue commissioners impose a penalty on my daughter for being 13 hours after the closing date.Even though she had registered with them, and bearing in mind that she does not owe any tax. In fact she over payed by 150 euro,and is in credit with them. Is she liable for this penalty ? Many thanks.

1. Dear *****, the Irish Revenue Commissioners will not impose a penalty upon a taxpayer when they are merely a matter of hours late after a closing date. So, here, your daughter will not get penalised for being only 13 hours late after the named closing date. The Revenue Commissioners merely want to see the taxpayer file their returns and pay whatever tax is due. They won't quibble over such a short periods as 13 hours. Here, your daughter overpaid them so there is no net loss in Revenue to the Exchequer. So, the Irish Revenue will not penalise her at all. Instead she can look for the overpayment of 150 euros back from them.

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi. I should have said that she was a director and company secretary of a small company, she no longer works for. Revenue claim that being a director and company secretary, was different that there was no exemption for being late, even for 13 hours. They said they would accept payments in instalments.
Thanks Michael.

3. You are welcome. Very often it is a question of who you are dealing with.