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I was wondering who I should talk to if I wanted to offer

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Hi there- I was wondering who I should talk to if I wanted to offer equity to an employee when founding a company?

Hello, and thank you for your question. I am your Expert and I will provide the answer you require.

1. Dear Morgan, you should speak with a solicitor or an accountant about the giving of equity to an employee. Essentially, giving equity in a company is a simple matter of assigning shares to a person from the outset. However, where you will need advice is upon the surrounding relationship and the terms upon which you are giving the equity. For example, you might vest the equity over a period of years, contingent upon the employee remaining in the company whilst it is growing as otherwise the employee might leave with the shares without there ever being any benefit for the company. Additionally, you might want to restrict this employee from setting up their own business in competition to your company's business for a period after they leave employment.

2. Some form of shareholder's agreement might be wise as you are essentially taking the employee into your company as a psuedo-partner to help with the growth of the business. You might also consider whether the employee might invest capital or purely work in the business.

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