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Two cars come to a intersection with traffic lights. There

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Two cars come to a intersection with traffic lights. There are three lanes, Far right has painted arrow to go right only. The middle lane can turn right or left. The far left lane left only. The centre and left lane cars both turn left. There are three lanes to the left. Far left to go straight. The centre lane to turn right and the far right lane to turn right at the next intersection only 100 meters after the left turn. Who has the right of way to the centre lane?
There are no painted lines through the intersection indicating which lane to be in

Hello, and thank you for your question. I am your Expert and I will provide the answer you require.

1. Dear Barry, can you explain the basis for your question. Was there an accident? Were you involved? Where was the collision? In what lane? Was there a row? Did one car refuse to allow another car the right of way?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Dear Buachaill, My wife was the car in the left lane turning left. A car came from her right side from the centre lane that was also turning left. She says she was heading for the centre lane and the other car headed for the centre lane also. They did collide. Although it was a minor accident. He says it will cost €700 to repair his car. Ours will be about €1000

2. In this situation, the rule to 'give way to the left' would apply. So, your wife would have right of way to the centre lane as she was in the left lane and the car on her right should give way to her. However, be aware that if the matter is litigated, these cases often are resolved on a 50:50 basis if it can be shown each driver was in some way at fault. So, be aware that your wife's insurer might do a 'knock for a knock' arrangement with the other insurer so that each insurer bears their own car's damage. I mention this because although your wife was not at fault in the accident, she could see her insurer hike her insurance premium.

3. So, in this instance, your wife should claim off the other driver's insurance premium as he was at fault for the accident.

4. Just be aware that she might still see her insurance premium rise subsequently. However, the other driver was at fault here.

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Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Once I make the rating it will only be a one time payment of €42. Correct?

6. It is purely a one off payment. There is no additional charge or hidden costs.

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