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Buachaill, Barrister
Category: Republic of Ireland Law
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I have a query in relation to cyber crime and fraud. I was

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I have a query in relation to cyber crime and fraud. I was recorded without my consent on video in 2016, I was held to ransom and subsequently paid a fee to a western union account. I blocked all contact from the parties in question after they threatened to release the video.
I have been recently contacted by an organisation in Ivory Coast in relation to this fraud. The organisation is called PLCC-Cote d'ivoire. They seem to be a legitimate party who have a web site with some news articles referenced to their organisation, and are said to target cyber criminals in Ivory Coast and other countries and work in conjunction with European parties.
They claim to have being monitoring the individuals in question for quite some time now and wanted me to provide details on the payments I made and any evidence to support that I have been blackmailed. This will help them build a case and bring these people to justice.
They claim to be able to open and investigation for my case and can try reimburseme me for the money I paid and also claim they I maybe entitled to compensation. Quoted €20,000 to €30,000. They have the video in evidence which has been blocked for posting on Social media sites.
They are looking for a fee from me to open the investigation to be paid by a legal representative.
Here are some of the email quotes in relation to their request.
The email address they used is***@******.***"For the rest of the investigation, it will be determined subsequently that Western Union will do us, but at the same time I would like to warn you that the case will be brought to justice for reimbursement and compensation costs so for that, you'll have to To pay the amount of €457 that will incur the cost of opening a file concerning the costs of reimbursement and compensation, you must contact your lawyer to contact our legal department in order to organize his Arrived here in Abidjan to defend your rights and make these people pay for their actions and also the impact it has had on your life.
In case you do not have the ability to bring your lawyer in, make sure to notify us early so that we commit an office to defend you"Platform for combating Cyber crime/Ivory Coast
Unit Code: 0234/PV: 00453/year: 2017/2018
Wednesday 27 December 2017 at 9 hours 15 minutes
We sign up Police
Having regard to article 20, 21-1 and 75 to 78 of the Code of Criminal ProcedureCan you advise if you have ever seen any requests like this ? And if you have heard of this organisation??
I am very wary and paranoid due to my previous experiences.
Any assistance would be very much appreciated.

Hello, and thank you for your question. I am your Expert and I will provide the answer you require.

1. Dear *****, you need to realise that you are just being scammed a second time by the same gang. If you wish to make a complaint to the Gardai in Ireland or to the police in the Ivory Coast, known as the Gendarmerie Nacionale, then you should do so. However, you need to realise there is no organisation who carry out surveillance on cyber criminals or who solicit money to open a legal case against blackmailers in the Ivory Coast. Charities do exist in the world, but they are not dedicated to obtaining reimbursement from cyber criminals for Irishmen who have been blackmailed out of their money.

2. There is also a saying "Shit on me once, shame on you. Shit on me twice, shame on me". So, don't let the same gang sit on you twice!

3. Please Rate or Accept the answer as unless you do so your Expert will not receive payment from the website for answering your question.

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Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Thanks for the advice, I thought so.
I appreciate the response. I will block them and inform the Gardai here.

4. You are welcome. Best wishes.