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Mike, Jaguar Technician
Category: Jaguar
Satisfied Customers: 39198
Experience:  Tech Expert
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Heres the correct VIN number,SAJAH51S64YD99499

Please I have an x-teype... Show More

Please I have an x-teype jaguar and havent got the code to play my CD player?Radio in the car...

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Jaguar
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replied 3 years ago.
Hello and Welcome -

My name is MIKE , Im happy to help / advise you .

The X type has a special method wherby you can force the radio to work, without input of the original code - This workjs with 99% of the X types - so, do the following:

Enter any code 3 times so that the display shows "PLEASE WAIT".. just a randomn 4 digit code...

Then - when you have Please Wait on the screen, Simultaneously press the buttons, ">>" "PTY" "A.MEM" - It should only take a few seconds and the radio turns will come on and be ok from there.

If you have any problems or , If there is anything more you need or would like to discuss - by all means get back to me and we can carry on with other methods for you.

>> Meantime >>>> Please do click on the "OK/ Excellent ratings" for me - Thank you in advance for that...

You can and are most welcome to get back to me anytime you might need - clicking the OK ratings does not close you out at all..

Kind Rgds, MIKE.

Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

Dear mike,

Have tried what you told me all day and have decided to take my car to Jaguar.Will be getting the car back on Friday,could you please refund my 24 quid back to my account?



Noah Sadiq


Mike, Jaguar Technician replied 3 years ago.
Hello again Noah -

Thank you for your reply.

Jaguar dealers do not advertise the fact that you can get your X type radio working again in the way that I told you - indeed, some even deny its possible - for obvious reasons - they want you to pay them for the "service" of code retrieval.

All the X types have the buttons that I mentioned to you , then what I outlined will work. The trick is to be sure , as I mentioned, to press the buttons simultaneously.. and again, it will I do not see why you have had any problems with that at all..

There is no reason at all that a Jaguar dealer would need to even have your car in - for any length of time to sort the radio code for you - let alone need it until Friday - unless of course you are having other work fone.. they can get you the code for the radio from their database with the VIN - even over the telephone.

Given that I replied to your question with correct information, I would appreciate your honouring your good faith deposit by clicking on the "OK ratings" so that I am credited for my time at least - I thank you Noah once again in advance in anticipation -

Kind Rgds, MIKE.