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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
Category: Jaguar
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hello there, my name is ***** ***** I have just bought Phil Mitchell's

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hello there, my name is ***** ***** I have just bought Phil Mitchell's 1998 xj8 from BBC Eastenders (I work there as a propman)
There are a few issues with the car I would like to fix and have had no joy from Jaguar and the Jaguar forum so was wondering if you can help.
The firs thing is how do I remove the restricted performance on the engine.
Second is how do I get the key fob working again.
Third is how do I get the code for the radio?
And last, how difficult a job is it to fit a new sunroof motor?
Really hope you can help me because I love this car and want to keep her on the road.
Best regards, Mike.

if the car is in restricted performance then there will be a stored error code pointing to the fault
so I'd suggest the 1st thing to do is plug the car into a diagnsotic device to read off the engine fault code

to get the fob working again try this procedure:

Remove the keyring and prize the remote apart. Unclip and lift the the pcb out. Clean the rubber backs of the buttons and the corresponding contacts on the pcb with a solvent cleaner. Fit new batteries and reassemble.

Sit in car with all remotes.
Hold headlight flasher back and at the same time turn ignition key to position 1.
Flash headlights 4 times - this puts the alarm into programme mode.
Listen for a beep from the alarm and look to check the led by the J gate is flashing.
Programme each transmitter by pressing the lock or unlock button once. The alarm will beep each time you press a button if the tranmitter is working
You must hear 5 beeps to complete the programming - so if you have one tranmitter press the unlock or lock button five times, with two press the button on one 3 times and the other twice and so on.

as for the radio code you'll need the serial number off the radio first, this'll be located on a sticker on the radio body which will usually mean pulling it out of the dashboard.

Once you have a serial number then someone like

Can provide a code for a small fee

If you check the handbook first though as often the radio code is on a sticker inside the front cover or inside the audio manual.
It would also be worth contacting the local dealership as they often carry the codes for recently built cars ( last 10 years)

as for the sunroof motor its a tricky job as the headlining has to be removed to access but parts are relatively cheap
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