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JagLandyFord, Jaguar Technician
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Gear in my Jaguar X type will not engage with engine running. I press the clutch and put t

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Gear in my Jaguar X type will not engage with engine running. I press the clutch and put the gear in reverse and then while clutch is fully pressed-in start the car. The gear will engage with a jurk. However changing gears becomes very difficult when driving as well - sometimes get stuck at traffic light - embarrassing situation.
Hi there,
It could be a part of the clutch mechanism system that is worn.
There are 5 major components that make up the mechanism and allow the clutch to operate.
1. A Clutch disc.
2. A Clutch pressure or diaphragm plate
3. A Clutch slave cylinder / thrust bearing (one unit on this vehicle)
4. A Clutch Master cylinder
5. A Dual Mass flywheel
Usually if a driver experiences difficulty engaging 1st gear or reverse gear - this indicates a component is worn and coming to the end of its service life.
The clutch disc could have worn, the diaphragm plate could have worn / become week, the slave cylinder/thrust bearing could have worn, the dual mass flywheel could be beginning to break apart, finally the master cylinder could have become week.
In most cases the master cylinder is not the cause (but I cannot guarantee this).
It could also be air being introduced into the system - as this vehicle uses brake fluid to operate the system between the Master Cylinder and the Slave cylinder.
First check is to ensure no fluid leaks are visible from the system pipework between the slave and the master cylinder.
Second - if this appears ok - then this would indicate the possibility that the clutch components have worn.
This could be the clutch disc, diaphragm or slave / thrust bearing, or the dual mass flywheel.
To access these the transmission will need to be removed before inspecting.
These diesel variants are common for the dual mass flywheel failing.
It can cause a slight audible rumble, rattle or knock depending on how far worn it is.
When this begins to show signs of a problem it causes intermittent gear selection problems as you describe.
Sometimes severe and then sometimes appearing to fix itself.
This will get worse to the point of complete failure or severe knocking banging during use.
My advice would be to price up a complete clutch kit (SLave cylinder/thrust bearing, disc and pressure diaphragm plate) & a dual mass flywheel.
I will warn you now - these are not cheap.
The next step is to request a garage to quote you on the cost of removing the transmission to inspect the dual mass, and clutch components, plus the cost of fitting anything required - whether you supply the parts or they supply them.
The fact here is - if any single clutch part is worn (not including the Master Cylinder) - the transmission will have to be removed - which is approximately a 4 to 8 hour job to remove and replace - depending on experience.
This could be an expensive repair - but depends on how much you value the car, and how reliable it is otherwise - to decide whether it is viable to spend your hard earned cash on this poor vehicle.
I hope the above advice helps.
Best Regards,
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