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I am about to fit New SU carbs to a V12 Etype wich has strongburgs

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I am about to fit New SU carbs to a V12 Etype wich has strongburgs already.I would like a diagram on how to plumb them in and run throttle system. Many thanks Dave.
the SU operates in the same way as the stromberg as they're both variable venturi carbs
the fuel inlet pipe is on the side of the carb on the float chamber and this will need connecting to the fuel feed pipe in the same way as the strombergs
see here
the throttle linkage from the strombergs can also be carried over but some adjustment is required to get it to fit on the SU as the diameter of the shafts is different
then to set the carbs up 1st use a balance / airflow meter on each to set the butterfly position to equalise the airflow through each carb
then use the mixture / jet adjustment nut on the base of the carb, undo the nut until the engine speed starts to increase then wind it back slightly and use the 'jiggle pin' on the carb to lift the carb dashpot and the engine speed should increase in line with lifting the pin
once they're all set you can lock up the throttle linkage
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