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Thinking of buying a XJ, Diesel 2.7 (03-09 plate). Can

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Hi . Thinking of buying a XJ, Diesel 2.7 (03-09 plate). Can you recommend best version , and point out any particular problems to be looking out for?
Thanks Paul
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Jaguar
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Expert:  Matt replied 2 years ago.
Hellothere's a few things to check2.7 diesel turbos run very hot and are prone to turbo oil seal failures. need to be idled after motorway runs in hot weather, after long ascents, or after towing. 2.7d engines used for short runs from cold starts will clog their particulate filters, leading the the excess fuel for regenerating them dribbling down the bores into the sump, contaminating sump oil and raising its level to a point where the engine may run on it.Seems to have been a "bad" batch of turbos fitted to 2006 2.7 V6 turbodiesels. Though failure may simply be due to failure by owners to idle the turbos from red hot before switching off. They do get extremely hot, especially after a long ascent.Rear brake pads can have a very short life. Surprisingly prone to corrosion, particularly around the bootlid, door pillars, door bottoms and wheelarches. Seems that the culprits are the steel rivets used in the aluminium panels.Problems can occur when two dissimilar metals are in electrical contact in the presence of a corrosive electrolyte; this leads to so-called "galvanic corrosion". An example might be stainless steel (acting as the cathode) next to aluminium (the anode). This is a potential problem with the XJ, since Jaguar, in their infinite wisdom, chose to use steel rivets! The rivets are coated with a protective zinc/tin layer, so the risk is minimized, but it is still there. Interestingly, Jaguar and Alcan are sponsoring a lot of research in this area. Report of exhaust flexi hoses to driver's side catalytic converters failing on 54,000 mile 2006 2.7TDV6. These coast £650 + VAT + 2 hours labour to replace because the oxidising cat converters have to be replaced as well. Cannot simply replace the flexi hoses.Rear wishbone bushes prone to failure after about 5 years. Can cost £840 to have them replaced. Electronically controlled hydraulic engine damper on 2.7TDV7 is prone to failure of the electronics leading to harsh tickover. Jag dealers want £600 to replace it.Report of problems moving old style selector out of Park. Dealer replaced contact switch on brake pedal, but problem returned. On Jaguar XJ TDV6, the fractured flexi hose downpipes to the DPFs and cats is such a common problem that Jaguar makes a repair kit for it. RecallsApril 2004: Recall because 6-speed automatic can slip into reverse at high speed due to computer software problem. Recall announced for all production from 18-11-2003 to 13-1-2004 because sharp edges of dashboard could puncture airbags as they inflated, rendering them useless.
Expert:  Matt replied 2 years ago.
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