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My 2003 XJ8 transmission locked up with the gear lever in Park,

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My 2003 XJ8 transmission locked up with the gear lever in Park, key turned on,ignition lights showing - but with the transmission completely locked up and showing Reverse engaged.
Problem related to one of the two small bolts directly under the chassis below the gear lever having come loose. An emergency repair man luckily found the solution on his motoring internet for Jaguar - and the loose missing nut/bolt was directly under the car - so luckily it must have just come loose as I parked!!
And after one hour and using three lift hoists managed to replace it! Everything then worked!! And still does. Am having it rechecd next week to make sure everything OK.
What are the two critical bolts/nuts called so tha I can identify them for my local garage to recheck their tightness -and do you recommend a bit of loctitie being added so that this doesnt occur again? Any advice gratefully and thankfully received. ***** *****s
Hi there,If I have interpreted your description correctly - I believe it is the Transmission gear selector cable - which is secured to the transmission unit - by a bracket which is secured on by two 8mm bolts.From here the cable is fixed in situ - and slides in and out to move a pivot lever which turns a selector rod within the transmission.The pivot lever is secured to the pivot rod with a 13mm nut.The Garage Technician should understand if you request them to inspect the transmission cable and ensure this is secured sufficiently to the transmission and the gear selector pivot points on the transmission unit.Loctite would help to ensure it does not become insecure again - but is not essential. If a technician is confident the bolts are secure - then this should be enough. I hope this helps.Best Regards
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