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JagLandyFord, Jaguar Technician
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I have a 2002 X Type JAGUAR in limp home mode. No codes

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Hi, I have a 2002 X Type JAGUAR in limp home mode. No codes displayed. I have changed the throttle body...both down draught O2 sensors. And cleaned the MAP sensor. I removed the sensors and ran up engine to chech for Cat blockage. No blockage. Been on every forum and this seems to be a common problem with these Jags. I disconnected all obvious sensors all are working as the disconnection affected engine running. This is a petrol 2.5 V6 2002 X Type Jag. What could be the problem. It seems to be a common fault with an un common repair.

Hi There,

You state - no codes displayed.

Do you mean on the vehicle dashboard, or do you mean when you plug in a diagnostic code reader?

I am aware that these vehicles suffered with Catalyst efficiency failures, and also the intake manifold gaskets would degrade as they were made of rubber.

When they degrade - they allow excess air to enter the intake which affects the fuel air mixture process of the combustion burn.

Also - there is a vehicle crank case / emissions pipe which goes from the Camshaft cover to the throttle body / intake manifold - these used to degrade also. From above they would look ok - but underneath they had collapsed in on themselves and turned back to a tar like substance.

I hope this helps you resolve your concern.

Best Regards

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
All pipes are ok. Cat not blocked. I am at a loss as to what the problem is. The engine starts on the button and ticks over like a swiss watch. As for no codes, sorry I meant no dash lights up or engine warning lights.

Hi there,

I don't understand how the vehicle can be in limp home mode without the engine mil fault light being illuminated.

As your have checked all the obvious physical possible concerns - the next step would have to be a fault code read and then extended diagnostics using equipment to read the live readings of the oxygen sensors, the mass air flow meter etc.

The fault codes that are logged - may well give you the obvious answer straight away.

As it stands now - I think you have done all your preliminary diagnostics - now it is time to plug to the vehicle.

Best Regards

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