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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
Category: Jaguar
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Experience:  BEng hons Mech engineering, in auto industry 22 years
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How good is the jaguar x type 2.1

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how good is the jaguar x type 2.1
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
is a 14 year old jaguar xtypepetrol still good to buy ,and the problems thay can have


there's a few things to watch for:

Over-enthusiastic traction control system can temporarily lock a wheel. Drive train of four wheel drive manuals drones a bit.

'Official' removable towbars made by Brink are not factory fitted and connecting the electrics can be very problematic so X-Type NOT RECOMMENDED FOR TOWING.

DPFs were fitted as standard to facelift 2.2 diesel automatics. They were a rarely selected option on 2.0 diesel and 2.2 diesel manuals, but were fitted to all 2.2s from late 2009.

Production ended at the Halewood factory in July 2009.

Reports of clutch failures and drive-train whines. Reports of transfer box failures on four wheel drive models.

High incidence of DMF failures on 2.2 diesels during late 2009.

DPFs were only fitted as standard to facelift 2.2 diesel automatics. They were a rarely selected oprion on 2.0 diesel and 2.2 diesel manuals.

Further problems include erratic slow running in traffic with poor engine response from low revs and lights dimming (both main and dipped beam) for no apparent reason. Several complaints about poor headlight performance.

Boot lock solenoid also subject to failure due to moisture ingress.

Some of the first X Type diesels sold had similar problems to the Mondeo TDCI 130. By early 2010, diesel pump failures also damaging the injectors were on the increase for both the 2.0 and 2.2 litre diesels.

On four wheel drive 2.5s and 3.0s, the front tyres can wear unevenly to the extent of serious wear on the inner shoulders. After 10,000 miles they need checking by applying almost full lock and having a look. Rear tracking is adjustable for toe in / toe out, but cannot be set with some types of alloy wheel because they do not have continuous rims and confuse the laser. Too much toe in will make the steering very light. Too much toe out will lead to severe tyre inner shoulder wear.

On V6s, the bottom hose is held on by a wire clip and can pop off, losing all the coolant. Has been a tsb mod fitting a jubilee clip, but very hard to get at and sometimes not properly fixed.

Automatic transmission failure rate on 2.5s and 3.0s more than 4 years old increasing. If low mileage and Jaguar serviced, Jaguar usually contributes. JATCO advises owners not to carry out AUTOMATIC transmission fluid changes hemselves because it's difficult to ensure the correct amount is added (the gearbox needs to be run to a specific temperature - This requires diagnostic equipment) and probably they will use the wrong oil, e.g. Land Rover Discovery ATF is different from a Land Rover Freelander, and Jaguar X-Type (Jatco) uses different ATF to a Land Rover Freelander (Jatco).

On early cars (6 - 7 years old) outer CV joints may need replacing at a cost of £332 at a Jaguar dealer because both reluctor rings can break causing the ABS to stop working. Expanding corrosion of the cast iron under the alloy rings breaks them off.

If ABS and DSC warnings light up on the dash then check whether or not the rear brake lights are working. If not the problem may be nothing more than a blown fuse.

Late X-Types on 2008-2009/59 reg best avoided as quality went down because a lot of the workforce was working notice and because a lot of the cars sat in compounds for extended periods before being sold.

On 2.5 and 3.0 V6, a rumble from the front may mean that the bottom crank pulley damper assembly(###) ###-####is starting to separate around the rubber insert in the middle of the flat dinner plate sized wheel. Costs £83.23 + vat. Pulley Assy £25.47 +vat and the V-Belt £17.86+vat Total Labour £82.00. Separation is usuallly more marked on the inside than the side one can observe. If it fails completely then engine is written off.

2.0D can go sluggish due to a faulty heat sensor in the cylinder block, which can be difficult to trace as may not register in ECU.

Tip if 2.0 or 2.2 diesel will start, but refuses to tick over in cold weather. Probably caused by engine fuel pump valve sensor sticking. Withdraw dip stick, remove oil filler cap, and remove plastic engine cover which is only held by simple rubber grommets. The unit is located beside the radiator just behind the offside headlamp.a slight tap should release it.

Reports of sudden surging of 2004 Jaguar X-Type 2.2 diesel while decellerating. On braking hard, dash indicated "cruise control cancelled". This is the subject of a 2011 Recall: R/2011/108.


5-3-2003: VIN SAJAD53L21WC00294 to SAJAH52S73YD17471 (30,183 cars): When power is lost to the external indicators the internal tell-tale lamp continues to flash as if there was no fault, which is in contravention of UK Construction and Use regs. Replace the general electrical control module with one that has modified software. TSBs: Excessive exhaust smoke was covered by a 21.08.06 stage 3 ems update. Gearbox problem covered by a technical service bulletin 14.04.06. to grease the transmission input shaft splines. This has cured the problem.

05-03-2003 R/2003/001 JAGUAR X TYPE indicator "tell tale" may not show a fault when external indicators fail. VIN SAJAD53L21WC00294 to SAJAH52S73YD17471, build dates 01-01-2001 to 31-10-2002

06-10-2004 R/2004/156 JAGUAR X-TYPE, S-TYPE AND XJ SERIES poor adhesion of space saver spare wheel speed restriction label. VIN SAJEA51C94WE00414 to SAJEB52D64XE06685, build dates 04-03-2004 to 30-03-2004

06-10-2004 R/2004/143 JAGUAR X-TYPE yaw rate sensor has internally delaminated. VIN SAJAF51T846D96890 to SAJEA51C84WE01716, build dates 19-02-2004 to 10/03/2004

08-12-2004 R/2004/146 JAGUAR X-TYPE modification of handbrake lever. VIN SAJAD53L21WC00294 to SAJAB53L63WD03128, build dates 02-01-2004 to 08-02-2004

25-07-2005 R/2005/077 JAGUAR X-TYPE (DIESEL ONLY) short circuit may occur. VIN SAJEA51C84WD55322 to SAJAH55T556E33691, build dates 20-08-2003 to 24-08-2004

22-09-2011 R/2011/108 JAGUARX-TYPE (2.2 diesel) cruise control may remain engaged. VIN SAJAF53136BE65409 to SAJAG5139ABJ63579, buld dates 01-05-2005 to 31-01-2010

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
ok thankyou ,a very goodreport,,

Glad to help

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