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my Jeep grand Cherokee 2001 model diesel 3.1TD engine has just

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my Jeep grand Cherokee 2001 model diesel 3.1TD engine has just stopped and wont restart. I suspect fuel problem but am not sure It has just clocked up 80000 miles. Glow pins are all O/K. Does this model have a fuel pump in the tank or is it just drawn up by the injector pump. any ideas please. Dave
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No fuel pump in tank .

You have just a prime pump which you mensioned ,with the filter attached.

On top of the filter housing remove the out tube to the injector pump .then pump on top and see if fuel comes out the tube ,if not replace the filter housing ..

If fuel does come out the feed line to the pump reconnect and pump untill hard , then crank over the engine and losen off the injector tube on the injector with a 17mm wrench ,
As cranking the engine diesel fuel should start to pump out the tube, when you see this close back up with the 17mm and move to the next tube on the next injector .
Do not crank the engine longer than 10 seconds at a time ,first losen the crank the engine over this to all then try and start . this is bleeding the systrem.

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Rgds Greg
indy-tech, Technician
Category: Jeep
Satisfied Customers: 7331
Experience: Jeep tech ,
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Greg, Sorry I havnt got back to you sooner , been away. Took your advice , fuel was coming out of injectors but still would not start. Pump on top of filter was pumping up fuel also. Decided to pressurise tank , plenty of fuel from filter outlet . got back under car and there is a joint in main fuel line just above rear axle and it was wet. It hadn't showed before as I was only pumping up the fuel from the filter. Had to cut plastic pipe either side of joint and found a tiny pin hole rusted through steel connector. It must have been sucking a tiny bit of air. Not enough to prevent a certain amount of fuel up to the filter but enough to air lock it. Made up a joint to reconnect both pipes (they are different sizes) and re-bled system. Engine started up and is now fine. Hope you can add this bit of info to your list for other Grand Cherokee diesel owners who are sure to come across this problem