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My 2003 Cherokee runs like it is cold long time and seems

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My 2003 Cherokee runs like it is cold for a long time and seems a little noisy and perhaps over revving,stop the car turn off ignition and leave 15 - 30 mins and restart and it runs fantastic ,smooth and quiet fantastic
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Is the check engine light "ON" when the engine is running.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No lights on dash
Hi Michael

Sorry you said a 2.7 so this is the diesel model correct .

Can you explain a lettle better for me what the drivability issue is .

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Model is actually 2.776
Driving seems lumpy and noisy( over revs) with some vibration, then stop and turn off engine or sometimes it just becomes smooth , quiet , and perfect!
Hi Michael .

Can you have the car hooked up to a diagnostic scan tool and check for
malfunction codes .

When running lumpy and noisy is any smoke emitted out the exhaust if black grey or white .
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No smoke emitted
I do not have access to diagnostic machine.
Hi Michael .

You need to get the car hooked up to a diagnostic scan tool as you syre have a sensor issue if the car runns poor and when you switch off then back on it runs great is a sign of the management system seeing a fault on start up and thyen switching off resetting itself

Had a simula case as yours where the crank sensor was thye is, but then again this was a hard job to diagnose as it left no codes in the management system we just notice on start up the RPMs needle was jumpy at start up .switch off restart was back to normal .

Dooes your rpm alsp jumpy on start upihen the engine is playing up .

If so replace the cranksensor .

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Kind regards Greg.
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