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Confused, throttle body? Asked local garage to run computer.

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Confused, throttle body ?
Asked local garage to run computer.
Garage now says it is EGR fault.
EGR valve replacement required.
But. What is making the noise
Is there an EGR motor, that is making the noise.
What has EGR, got to do with electronic throttle ?thanks
Model Year and engine size please and what malfunction codes do you have
Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Jeep Cherokee CRD Limited 2.8 - 2005
P 1140
this is sadly a EGR malfunction
But the engine wiring harness should be checked first as by and under the manifold the harness is prone to damage.
P1140 is the EGR throttle body control circuit open.
This is normally the EGR VALVE itself but also been known that the ECU is also known to fail for this same code .
I would go ahead and remove the EGR and try and clean it ?
If does not work cleaning replace .
Need further advice with this issue then please get back to me.
Even after accepting you can get back to me anytime without any extra cost and the question will stay open.
Rgds Greg
Hi good morning just checking in to see if this message got to you .
Rgds Greg
Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Got your reply, tks.
However, I, still, do not understand what is mKing the noise as soon as the ignition is switched on, this, before,
I turn the key further to fire the engine.
This cleaning you talk about, will that stop the noise.thanks
With just ignition on you have this noise. Can you locate where it’s coming from.
Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Hi Greg, Yes, this is the whole crux of my query.
The nise sounds like a motor running, it can be heard while engine running, but, obviously not so noticeable.
It is also heard, after engine switched off, for around 15 secs, or thereabouts.
It is located towards the front of the engine, I think.When I took the jeep to the garage, they said they unplugged the 'electronic throttle' and the noise stopped.
Was there again when plugged back in. There is no indication of a fault within the vehicle.Only the code on garage computer, as mentioned previously, P1140.I was confused by some of your answers, since have not seen the noise mentioned on youtube, EGR, cleaning videos.
Also, they only talk about a valve. Is there a motor ?Thanks
Sorry got mixed up and thought you replaced the throttle body.
Ok the problem you have is most likely the throttle body, wiring harness damage or the PCM
You need to get this checked and if you can try another throttle body .Rgds Greg
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