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KIA Sorrento 2005 hand brake light permanently on - any suggestion

Customer Question

KIA Sorrento 2005 hand brake light permanently on - any suggestion on what it could be and potential costūüė®ūüė®
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Kia
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


There maybe a few things that would need to be checked at least.first being the brake fluid level and ensure its is upto its correct level if not then top up to the proper max level and then see if the lamp goes out,some will have level sensor you usually see that on the cap or and electrical connector going to the reservior thats the sensor,sometimes this can happen due to the brake linings/pads wearing to near due replacement - thus as they wear then the calipers pistons if you like etc have further to go thus the level drops in the reservior and the light comes on so certainly check condition of pads if not already inspected during MOT aswell as any leaks etc - another could be a faulty handbrake switch this under the handbrake lever or just to side so you will ned to remove the handbrake gaitor or the centre console around it to see the switch /wiring etc so when the handbrake is let off the switch may not be fully depressed so again check that too if you can,disconnect it spray a little contact cleaner in it orwd-40 dry it off and then refit and se if that does anything - the next likely cause could be fault in the wiring fault itself on that circuit so if your unable to check that then im sure any good local auto electrician should be able to trace that down.but dont forget to check fuses aswell some of which will be mentioned in the owners manual just to rule out.but as above that really about the most common faults for the handbrake light staying this early stage without narrowing down the above it would be hard to put specifics on price and costing..I do hope this helps..