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Greg, Technician
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HI, I have a problem with my KIA Sportwagon 1.6 CDRi (2011).

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I have a problem with my KIA Sportwagon 1.6 CDRi (2011). Yesterday when I was driving the engine starts making rattling sound for while and shook pretty bad. After while it stop. I was able to start engine again and drive but it seems that engine lacks of power and according the fuel gauges the fuel consumption went from average 4-7l/100km to 9-12L/km. Today morning a lot of white grey smoke went from exhaust and the vibration can be feel in the cabin. On lower speed it looks like it is choking, no power. I'm going to garage on Monday morning but I'm very nervous about that. What can be wrong? Could be faulty Turbo?

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The engine is over fueling if the exhaust is pushing out white/gray smoke ,thiws is unburnt fuel .possible cause could be bad injectors .
management system malfunction .
you will have to be hooked up to a diagnostic scan tool to check for malfunction codes .

What you can expect on Monday is that your engine is overfuelling and this could be due to a sensor like a MAF sensor that control fuel air mix a diagnostic scan will confirm your problem .
I think you may still be under warranty if you have not passed the 5 year 60.000 mile .

Need further assistance then please get back to me.

Kindest regards Greg
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Greg,


Thanks for your answer. But what about the rattling noise and increased vibrations ? I read on Internet that this may be faulty Turbo? I hope this is something small and less sirious

Hi Marian.

A overfuelling system will make your engine knock rattle and tick ,this has to be taken care of first .