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i have a kia venga rental, and they havent shown me how to

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i have a kia venga rental, and they haven't shown me how to start the car once I am inside it how do I get it to start?

Mike :

Hello and Welcome..

Mike :

My name is ***** ***** Im happy to help you ..

Mike :

Please just send me a response so that I know you are here in Live Chat..... then we can carry on -

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes i am here


Hello Edith -

This is MIKE - I responded to you in the CHAT but heard nothing back from you - so I have switched us to the QA system..

Now I see you have responded - but I had just swapped us so we cant go back to LIVE chat -- but its not a problem at all... we can carry on here fine... ;)

Before we progress - can I just ask, is the car a manual or an automatic transmission??

Please type your reply here - and send to me - then I will get back to you -

Kind Rgds, MIKE...................................
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OK thanks mIke it is a manual trnasmisison


Hi again,

Thank you for your reply -

Ok - If memory serves - when you get seated in the car- you need to press and hold down the clutch pedal - then turn the key and it should start.

IF that doesn't work - try pressing the brake ( as some were different ) while you then turn the key -

Let me know how you get on - and if needed , I will help you further -

Im very pleased to have helped you -

>>>> Please do click on the "OK/ Excellent ratings" for me - Thank you in advance for that...

You can and are most welcome to get back to me anytime you might need - clicking the OK ratings does not close you out at all..

Kind Rgds, MIKE.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OK, I will try that, thank you Mike

No problem at all...

Just come back to me here - ( dont open a new question ) - and let me know how you get on..

Rgds, MIKE.

Mike and other Kia Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I got on fine, Mike, you were absolutely spot on! Put my foot down on the clutch and it started fine! can't think why they have to make it that complicated!

Hello there Edith -

Thank you for your reply...

Im very pleased to have helped you ... Its basically just an added "safety feature" - to stop the car lurching forward if someone turned the key to start the engine and it was in gear.. If they did that with the clutch in, it wouldn't matter.. if you get the idea.

I know mind that we have lived many years without this "feature" -- but its the boffins there at Kia and so on... I know there are others have the same "feature" -- Hyundai is one for example... but it would have been handy if the rental company had told you about it eh ;)

Anyway - once again - Im glad to have helped - glad all was ok..

You are welcome back any time -

Kind Rgds to you - MIKE.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

you are so right Mike, we had a tragedy here 10 years ago, where a small toddler was killed by her father in just such a 'lurch' situation, if this safety mechanism was in place then the child would still be alive.


I did reply and hit the approve button, so is that all finished?

Thats terrible Edith, Im sorry to hear about that - I suppose it does prove the point somewhat..

As for us - yes, we are all done - thank you for the rating.. and you are welcome back anytime as / if needed -

Kind Rgds, MIKE.