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Greg Szczygiel
Greg Szczygiel, UK Car Mechanic
Category: Kia
Satisfied Customers: 12
Experience:  Vehicle technician and electrician currently working in reputable independent garage in UK. Fully acredited ATA diagnostic technician.
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Ever since changing the pipes to rear heater I'm getting air

Customer Question

Ever since changing the pipes to rear heater I'm getting air build up in the cooling system top hose goes rock hard have taken out thermostat to try and stop pressure build up this has not worked had die test done on head gasket die stayed red I'm told this means all is ok when you turn off the engine water is blown out of header tank overflow I have had a new water pump fitted as the old one became very ratterly
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Kia
Expert:  Greg Szczygiel replied 3 years ago.
Hi I'm Greg.
Could you provide the following information:
1.What is the year of your Kia?
2.What is the model?
3.The engine size?
Many thanks
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
It's a 2005 Sedona 2.9 diesel
Expert:  Greg Szczygiel replied 3 years ago.
The answer to your problem.
None of the components of the cooling system appear to be faulty, the reason why engine on your Kia is behaving in the way you have described is the air lock condition.
This is open type of cooling system with no options of bleeding valves so after replacing the pipes to the rear matrix you should fill the system with antifreeze and make sure that no free air pockets remain.
If air remains in the system, the antifreeze will start boiling and hot pressurized steam will begin to over pressurize the system.
Possible solutions.
Book your car with the garage equipped in cooling system refill kit.
This tool, when fitted to the top of thermostate housing will vacuum the air from the system causing collapse of all rubber coolant hoses, antifreeze than will be sucked into the system from external tank, job done.
Fully top up overflow tank with antifreeze.
Set heater to maximum,front and rear, set heater blower on max (both)
Start filling the system with antifreeze, when it can't take any more start the engine and allow to idle, as the engine idles keep topping up until it can't take no more coolant.
Increase the revs to 1500 - 2000 rpm and keep eye on overflow tank, when first signs of bubbling show up turn the engine off and leave it until completely cold,do not open the cap.
Leave heater blowers on.
As it cools down the vacuum will begin to create and some antifreeze from overflow tank will start filling the system.
Once the engine is fully cold open the cap on thermostate housung and refill as much it will take.
Fully top up overflow tank.
Repeat engine warming process over and over until all the air is gone.
Thermostate housing cap must be in good working order.
When everything is good check the level in overflow tank on cold engine.
This is not the answer to your question, it is only possible solution.
For answer to your question, please come back to top line of this post.
I hope you will find it useful.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you will try the diy option at the weekend will let you know how it goes, thanks again

Expert:  Greg Szczygiel replied 3 years ago.
You're welcome, I'm happy to assist you at any point in order to find the answer.