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Sound again: I get intermittent use from the microphone on

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Sound again: I get intermittent use from the microphone on my laptop. I tried a new headset and the earphones are fine but the microphone worked yesterday but not today. I have reset the sound drivers to no avail. Can you help?
Hi there and welcome

When did the problem first start and which version of windows are you running?

Thank you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

It's Windows vista. I've never tried to use a microphone before but I just installed Dragon Naturally Speaking yesterday. The first headset that came with the package and the headphones tested fine but I couldn't get the computer to hear me on the microphone. I purchased a new headset and when I started with that, also yesterday afternoon, it was fine for several hours. I put the computer on hibernate overnight - no idea if this is relevant! - but in the middle of the night, it came on and I had to close the lid at 3am! Then today, when I started Dragon again, the headphones were fine but the microphone failed. I went to the Sound, Video & Game controllers, deleted the hardware and then let it scan for drivers to re-install them but this didn't improve things.



Thanks Abi,

Can you right click on the Speaker icon, bottom right near time

Click Recording Devices

Make sure the correct one is set to default and click ok

Than test

If you still have the problem, please let me know

Thank you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.



When I do that, I see three items. The first two say they are 'working.' The first one, set to default, is the one that says Microphone/ Line in. Yesterday, it had green bars flashing up and down. Today it doesn't.

The second one, called Microphone Array, appears to be working because green flashes are going up and down.

The third one is 'Rec playback' and says it's currently unavailable.



ok, use the second one please as default

Than test if the Microphone is working

Let me now the results please
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No, it doesn't work if I set that one to default. No improvement.

ok, set it as default, but then go to the properties

Go To Levels, and make sure it is at maximum please

Let me know the results
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No, still not working.

Thanks Abi,

I believe the Microphone is faulty.

You did the drivers and that got it working before, but there is a hardware issue and this is why it is working at times and than stops.

I am really sorry but your next course of action is to take the laptop back to where you purchased it from so they can replace the microphone.

I know it is not the answer you wish for, but I reviewed your last case and also with the steps we did here and this is going to be the cause.

If I can assist you with anything else at all, please do not hesitate to let me know

Thank you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Okay, well, at least I know I tried everything! That's some comfort. I'll see if it can be repaired but I bought it in the Autumn of 2008 so I imagine it may not be worth repairing now.





Still get a price Abi, it can just be a loose cable, and they can fix it cheap

Also, forgot to mention, but use some alcohol to clean where the Mic is as it could also be dirty?

If I can help with anything, please let me know

And please remember to rate My Service

Thank you
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