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michelleclive, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Laptop
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Hi, I am using a DELL laptop and an update for BIOS came up

Customer Question

I am using a DELL laptop and an update for BIOS came up so I updated it.
Then it tried to reboot but nothing came up, even the screen is black. I pressed the power button and it just lights up the button nothing else. I went to a technician and he says that he can't do anything because is a black screen and that it damaged motherboard. Is that possible since BIOS update is a software update? I am asking you because he told me that he can get my files to a usb but he can't fix the laptop.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Laptop
Expert:  michelleclive replied 4 years ago.

michelleclive :

Hi there, I am Michelle, and i am licensed computer professional i see you are asking about Dell laptop, i think i can help you as i have overall 9 years of experience in this area and have helped hundreds of customers in fixing there problems.

michelleclive :

Bios update is only performed when your motherboards utility chipset fail to update its drivers automatically like the sound chipset, network, bluetooth etc then you run the motherboard bios update however you must have not read the instructions before running the bios update it clearly states that plug in your power adapter or you must have the computer on an online power because if the power fails or the computer is interrupted during the bios update it will damage the motherboard permanently.

michelleclive :

I can help you with recovering your data from the laptop.